We are Canvas

We are Canvas. A West Bengal, India based group of activist, independent  film-makers. Films to us are not just a series of pictures on the screen but a dialogues between us – the person who fights for his rights in front of a barricade with the person who looks from far away thinking its not his fight to be in.We try to uphold the ideals of justice and equality and to protest against torture and oppression. We have taken up the camera along with the banner of protest. We, like many around us, feel that this suppressive typecast stagnation in our world has to be broken. And to accomplish this huge task we have started this small effort to bring you some snapshots of a reality that sometimes is too far away to feel or sometimes is too close to notice.

We carry our cameras and projectors to places where the media cannot or will not reach. We tell stories of people that not everyone knows exist, and we show films to people who no cinema halls and multiplexes can accommodate. In the process we tell people their own story. Our only incentive is the emotions we invoke in our viewers, helping their determination of bringing about a radical change.

Protest and fight. Be an activist.

Films by CANVAS and Friends tagged to location:

The following map contains films by CANVAS and friends, mostly by film makers based in West Bengal. The films have been tagged to their geographic locations, the locations at which the events took place.

Need Help with Maps?

For more Maps, visit our Page of Maps.

This map is incomplete and is still under construction. More data will be added soon by CANVAS team.

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