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Days and Nights of Dooars (ডুয়ার্সের দিনরাত্রি)

Days and Nights of Dooars (ডুয়ার্সের দিনরাত্রি)

Words-tunes-rhythms of livelihood-dreams-struggles
of people from various ethnicities of Jalpai-dooars.
This documentary captures the lives and struggles of several indegenous population groups in jalpai-duars.


Gorkhaland: In Search Of Motherland (মাতৃভূমির খোঁজে)

In Search Of Motherland (মাতৃভূমির খোঁজে)

This documentary is about the ensuing agitation in the hills of North Bengal, carried out by the local residents or natives, demanding for a separate  state, Gorkhaland. The movement has earned fame as the Gorkhaland Movement and has been the cause of much disturbance in the hilly regions around Darjeeling. We show the actual ground realities in the area through interviews and coverage of many incidents that have occurred since the beginning of the movement. We try to trace the beginning of such demands, the history of the place and its people.

This documentary is in Bengali.
The English version of the documentary is here :

This film traces the history of the Gorkhas in North Bengal. Focusing on their deprivation since the colonial times, the film brings to light how the demand for Gorkhaland transcends the demand for ‘development’ and develops into a movement for the right to identity of the Gorkhas. It is a quest for the Gorkhas to curve out a state to call their own, their motherland. Through this movement the people of the hills send a clear message, they are unique enough to demand a state of their own, their language, culture, clothes, food habits and even looks are entirely different. By no means are they Bengali and all of this reinforces their demand of separation from Bengal.