Monks burnt Alive: 1982 Bijon Setu

1982 Bijon Setu: Signature of Violence

On the morning of April 30, 1982, a nun and 16 Ananda Marga monks were dragged out of taxis by cadres of CPI(M) the rulng party of West Bengal in Kolkata’s southern suburbs. They were beaten and then set on fire. The killings were witnessed by thousands of people. However, not a single arrest has been made till date.

This documentary made 29 years later, looks back at the shocking incident the took place in front of crowds of people but none spoke out in fear of the CPI(M) which had absolute power.

Director: Tushar Bhattacharya

Mass Murder in Sunderban: Marichjhanpi

Marichjhanpi 1978-79: Tortured Humanity

The Marichjhanpi incident is one of the darkest episodes of CPI(M) led government of West Bengal. The refugees who were roped in with a lot of promises by the CPI(M) were betrayed after the elections. The settlement established by refugees in the Marichjhanpi island of Sunderban was dealt with iron fists by the West Bengal government who deemed it’ illegal’. Subsequently they were brutally evicted by the police and hired mercenaries who butchered the resisting people, raped the women and burnt down entire settlements.

This documentary made almost 30 years later, dwells on the gory happenings at Marichjhanpi and the politics surrounding it.

Director: Tushar Bhattacharya

Days and Nights of Dooars (ডুয়ার্সের দিনরাত্রি)

Days and Nights of Dooars (ডুয়ার্সের দিনরাত্রি)

Words-tunes-rhythms of livelihood-dreams-struggles
of people from various ethnicities of Jalpai-dooars.
This documentary captures the lives and struggles of several indegenous population groups in jalpai-duars.

Parapaar: Across a Sunderban River(পারাপার)

Parapaar (পারাপার)

The story of the lives and livelihood surrounding the Matla river at Canning Port

Surviving Aila in Sunderban (আয়লা পেরিয়ে)

Surviving Aila (আয়লা পেরিয়ে)

One year after the cyclone Aila tore through the lives of people of Sunderbans, the struggle is still on to come to terms with the losses. Aid is coming only in trickles, relief has stopped altogether.

Gorkhaland: In Search Of Motherland (মাতৃভূমির খোঁজে)

In Search Of Motherland (মাতৃভূমির খোঁজে)

This documentary is about the ensuing agitation in the hills of North Bengal, carried out by the local residents or natives, demanding for a separate  state, Gorkhaland. The movement has earned fame as the Gorkhaland Movement and has been the cause of much disturbance in the hilly regions around Darjeeling. We show the actual ground realities in the area through interviews and coverage of many incidents that have occurred since the beginning of the movement. We try to trace the beginning of such demands, the history of the place and its people.

This documentary is in Bengali.
The English version of the documentary is here :

This film traces the history of the Gorkhas in North Bengal. Focusing on their deprivation since the colonial times, the film brings to light how the demand for Gorkhaland transcends the demand for ‘development’ and develops into a movement for the right to identity of the Gorkhas. It is a quest for the Gorkhas to curve out a state to call their own, their motherland. Through this movement the people of the hills send a clear message, they are unique enough to demand a state of their own, their language, culture, clothes, food habits and even looks are entirely different. By no means are they Bengali and all of this reinforces their demand of separation from Bengal.

Big Capital in Retail: Matsyanyay (মাত্স্যন্যায়)

Matsyanyay (মাত্স্যন্যায়)

This is a documentary film about the entry of retail business in small industries and their effects on the small time businessmen as well as the common man. The name is a Bengali word matsyanyay (মাত্সান্যয়) which means a chaotic situation in which the big fishes eat the small fishes. Similarly, the entry of multi-national giants in small businesses have dealt a killing blow to the group of merchants in question. In response they have revolted against the many number of retail shops set up in various parts of the country. We take you through their movements and their demands and try to answer the questions of the effect this change in business stratagem may have on the economy and more importantly on the everyday life of the common man and the local businessman.

Matsanyay was made in the backdrop of massive capital investment in the Retail sector of West Bengal. The arrival of big capital in this sector meant massive spurt in growth of shopping malls and super markets. There was immediate loss of business for the traditional groceries, corporation markets and street hawkers. Even the wholesale market was not spared. Corporate giants came in to replace several middle players. The big corporations bought products directly from the producers and sold it to end users.

This film focuses on the impending loss of employment of several thousands from this process, especially in Bengal and also tried to bring to light the kind of jobs being generated in the process.