Our Films

We have already made a few films that have been well received and has won praises from many quarters of the limited region where we have been able to hold shows and been able to sell our CD-s. The subjects of the films have been varied – from the Gorkhaland movement to the uprising in Lalgarh – we have tried to show how people have had to face hardships and how they have revolted against the unfair treatment carried out on them. Below are short synopsis about the films we have made.

Click on the same of the films and visit individual posts about them to learn more, also to watch the film.

In Search Of Motherland (মাতৃভূমির খোঁজে)

This documentary is about the ensuing agitation in the hills of North Bengal, carried out by the local residents or natives, demanding for a separate  state, Gorkhaland. The movement has earned fame as the Gorkhaland Movement and has been the cause of much disturbance in the hilly regions around Darjeeling.

Matsyanyay (মাত্স্যন্যায়)

This is a documentary film about the entry of retail business in small industries and their effects on the small time businessmen as well as the common man. The name is a Bengali word matsyanyay (মাত্সান্যয়) which means a chaotic situation in which the big fishes eat the small fishes.

Hool (হুল)

The Lalgarh region in West Bengal has been the scene of recent hostilities between the state police forces and the native people over the issue police atrocities.

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