Films by our Friends

In this page we collect the films made by like minded friends of CANVAS. We include films by those groups and individuals who make independent films. The films are mostly political, based on political events and often movements.

Click on the same of the films and visit individual posts about them to learn more, also to watch the film.

The Valley of Death

A film on State atrocities in Kashmir.

In the Name of Development(উন্নয়নের নামে)

This film focuses on the movement of Singur and Nandigram. It tries to accommodate the debate the rose following the attempted acquisition of fertile agricultural land forcefully by the state to hand it over to big corporates.

Right to Land (আবাদ ভূমি)

This film explores the land debate arising out of fertile land acquisition in Singur for the Tata Motors small car plant. The film traces the roots of the movement the ensued the land acquisition process.

Bujhecho Upen (বুঝেছ উপেন)

A film on the beginning of the Nandigram movement.

For the sake of Development (উন্নয়নের জন্য)

This is a continuation of the earlier film Bujhecho Upen (বুঝেছ উপেন) and covers the second half of the Nandigram movement.

Development at Gunpoint (উন্নয়ন – বন্দুকের নলে)

A film on the successful movement in Nandigram that prevented land grab.

Quest (খোঁজ)

This film is the only video documentation of the Kamtapuri movement. This movement is led by the rajbangshis (রাজবংশী) of Cooch Behar Region, who also call themselves Kamtapuris.

Bandiram-er Ganatantra (বন্দিরামের গণতন্ত্র )

This film is about the mindless  human rights violation by the police especially in the adivasi regions of Belpajari, West Bengal. Adivasis are regularly harassed, tortured and picked up for being ‘Maoists’.

Dreams in the time of Terror (সন্ত্রাসের সময় স্বপ্ন)

This film made alongside Bandiramer Ganatantra (বন্দিরামের গণতন্ত্র) dwells on the topic of police atrocities on the indigenous adivasis of the Belpahari region of West Midnapore, West Bengal. The film focuses on the targeting of women folk by the police often resulting in torture and sexual abuse.

(In)visible Calcutta [(অ)দৃশ্য কলকাতা]

This film captures the eviction of the rail colony slums around Dhakuria lake, by the rail lines. The eviction took place in 2005 as the slum was maligning the beauty of the posh region by the South Calcutta Lake.

  1. pro-establishment

    good job done by the authorities. the rest of the encroachments will soon be removed.

  2. activistcanvas

    Good luck to you, as for us, we’ll continue to stand by them, speak for them.

  3. cherian joseph

    how can we get this film for screening

  4. activistcanvas

    Cherian, thanks for your interest.
    Kindly mention the specific film you are interested in. You can directly mail to the director mentioned in the films, if you cannot find the address, kindly mail us specifying the film and we’ll forward it to the director.

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