About Canvas – Know Us

We, Canvas , are a group of activist film makers making films independently. We try to document movements in camera and make films on the same to communicate. We wish to communicate in the most lucid manner in our country which is home to the largest number of illiterates. We feel that a simple film can communicate to this vast mass of people much better than a leaflet, a booklet or a poster.

Our aim is definitely not to make grammatically flawless films, we make films for the masses. We aim camera and shoot, edit films in our homes and then carry the films and projectors on our shoulders to interiors villages, worker colonies or by the streets .  The smiles and anger that we evoke on our viewers is out biggest incentive to continue making films.

We most definitely are not funded by any organisation, and we run on our own contribution and the occasional contribution of our friends and well-wishers.

We are trying to get all our works, and some works of few of our friends uploaded all together here:



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