Our New Documentary Film : Silence Flows… | नबोल्दा नबोल्दै | বয়ে চলে নীরবতা (Trailer)


Documentary Film (60 mins.) on The Life in Margaret’s Hope Tea Garden, Darjeeling

Available in
English, Bengali, Nepali

Furore over the pitiful situation in the closed tea gardens, malnutrition and starvation deaths are common. But what is the situation in the running tea gardens? How are the workers in the so called ‘well-run’ tea gardens owned by ‘esteemed’ companies doing? In general, how days are spent by the tea workers of hills-terai-dooars?
Margaret’s Hope in Darjeeling is a tea garden owned by Goodricke. A so-called ‘good’ tea garden owned by a ‘good’ company. Looking back, this garden witnessed the incident of firing on workers in 1955, the first firing on workers in ‘independent’ India. 6 people were martyred but the struggle wrested out several facilities for entire tea workers. Some time back, on the occasion of 150 years of the garden, a promotional documentary film was made, which obviously tried to portray this garden as an oasis.
Some local youths decided to find out the reality and portray it. Their journey started. They imagined a song and worked with it. The life in the gardens, the joy and sorrow, the song and the journey intermingled to get the shape of this nepali documentary—‘Nabolda Naboldai’. The English subtitled one is ‘Silence Flows’ and ‘Boye Chole Nirobota’ is the Bengali subtitled one.


About activistcanvas

We are activist film makers based in West Bengal, India. We make independent films on socio-political issues.

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