Life of the enigmatic playwright: Badal Sarkar

and Badal Sircar (এবং বাদল সরকার)

This is a docudrama about the enigmatic Bengal playwright Badal Sarkar, who was known for his anti-establishment plays since the days of Naxalbari movement. He was not just a playwright and drama director but an innovator and leader of a theatre movement, of an egalitarian form, the “Third Theatre”.
This docudrama captures Badal Sarkar’s motivations and energy behind his successful theatre movement through certain events that was part of his everyday life. Througha series of discussions with children of his locality, Badal Sarkar summarises the history of theatre and the idea of third theatre in this docudrama.

This film apart from reflecting Badal Sarkar the playwright, also upholds several other traits of this unique personality in the limited scope.
Director: Swapna Dutta


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  1. saswati das

    hats off…………… excllnt docudrama….

  2. koustav2007

    thanks Saswati, such appreciations are the only incentive for the independent film makers who agree to share films like these through us.

  3. Latha Kumari

    Dear Swapna Dutt,
    I am a teacher from Chennai and researching on Badal Sircar. Your docudrama is brilliant as you have the author speak to children. The curiosity of the children and the writer’s enthusiasm to speak of theater in such an accessible way is just beautiful.
    I wish to get a copy of this docudrama to play to my class. Unfortunately I will not be able to do so from the internet directly. Please let me know if it is possible to get a copy of this film.

  4. Dear Lathakumari ji,
    I shall convey your request to Swapna Dutta. There are several ways of downloading videos from the web. Feel free to download if you know the methods. Also for quick response, do mail directly to Mr. Nilanjan Dutta who is also associated with the making of this docudrama.

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