Mass Murder in Sunderban: Marichjhanpi

Marichjhanpi 1978-79: Tortured Humanity

The Marichjhanpi incident is one of the darkest episodes of CPI(M) led government of West Bengal. The refugees who were roped in with a lot of promises by the CPI(M) were betrayed after the elections. The settlement established by refugees in the Marichjhanpi island of Sunderban was dealt with iron fists by the West Bengal government who deemed it’ illegal’. Subsequently they were brutally evicted by the police and hired mercenaries who butchered the resisting people, raped the women and burnt down entire settlements.

This documentary made almost 30 years later, dwells on the gory happenings at Marichjhanpi and the politics surrounding it.

Director: Tushar Bhattacharya


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  1. khasru chowdhury

    one of the darkest act of CPM. how can i believe that a man like Joti bosu mastermind behind this massacre? but this is the history.lets hate the incident.

  2. Rajorshi Das

    How can I download this video?

  3. @Rajorshi You can go to the vimeo website of this video (by clicking on the vimeo link present at bottom right of the embedded video above) and there should be a download link, at worst you might have to put in effort to create a vimeo login to access the download feature.

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