Monks burnt Alive: 1982 Bijon Setu

1982 Bijon Setu: Signature of Violence

On the morning of April 30, 1982, a nun and 16 Ananda Marga monks were dragged out of taxis by cadres of CPI(M) the rulng party of West Bengal in Kolkata’s southern suburbs. They were beaten and then set on fire. The killings were witnessed by thousands of people. However, not a single arrest has been made till date.

This documentary made 29 years later, looks back at the shocking incident the took place in front of crowds of people but none spoke out in fear of the CPI(M) which had absolute power.

Director: Tushar Bhattacharya

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  1. surojit roy

    apnar lakha ta pora anak kichu janta parlam.anando margi hotyakander ki kono tadonto habe na?aj dakchi ai jara ai hotyakando ghotiya cha tara present ruling party satha jok diya,neta hoya ghura baracha.

  2. we share your concerns Mr Surojit. and it is true that the goons who worked for the earlier ruling party have been quick to change allegiences and have been accepted with open arms by the new ruling party. But then it is not something that was entirely unexpected. We never should hope a regime change to bring justice. It will never be handed down in a platter, it has to be wrested, fought and won.

  3. surojit roy

    pothomai janai amar pronam. dada, Kasba-r Bablu Chakraborty akhon nijeke ruling party-r leader bhabche. r ei ruling party-r kichu leader onake madat dichche. eta Mamata Banerjee-r image nasto hocha, tar satha samajer. ei case ta ki open hoyeche?

  4. koustav2007

    We have no knowledge as to whether the case has been reopened.
    We shall send you the directors email-id, in case you wish to ask him anything.

  5. Jit Chakraborty

    May I know what is the present condition of the culprits ?

  6. koustav2007

    Even we are unaware of any action being taken, although the present government made several references about bringing to book the culprits, backed by the earlier ruling party. But they seem to have forgotten this like many other promises, after coming to power.

  7. Respected sir, please do not express sympathy for anti-national anandamargis even if they are killed. In 1982, anandamargis were conducting recruitment drive from Calcutta footpath. They were conducting child-lifting from Kolkata footpath. The whole anandamargis organisation is using “sanyas” custom of Hinduism as impersonation tools. Meanwhile, they kidnapped one young refugee-boy of that area and tried to force him to adopt sanyas. This boy was transferred to Varanasi center of Anandmarg and the boy escaped from there. Local clubs where the boy was a member, decided to beat the anandamargis. Unfortunately, when the beating of the kidnappers started, the beggars and foot-path residents came running; participated in the process of beating; outnumbered the club-boys and ultimately killed the Margis. Till today, nobody knows the actual name of those 17 Margis; nobody claimed whose relatives they are. Enough reason to suspect that these creatures were themselves kidnapped by anandamargis in their child-hood. Every nation has the right to be careful against emergence of such problematic organisation. KIM DAVY, the Purulia arms drop accused is a false person, using a birth-certificate of one Australian child who died long ago. Let govt also be careful regarding emergence of Anandmarg. Expressing sympathy for such anti-national group is highly objectionable. Thanks.

  8. Chiranjeev

    1. Do you have any proof what-so-ever of all these false and ridiculous accusations?
    2. The names of the 17 Ananda Margis are there, even in this video, except for one nun.
    3. You might have your own prejudiced ideas about one organisation, but it’s simply not humane to try to cover up a massacre and a totalitarian governmental corruption directing the talk to false and preposterous accusations to an organisation, whose innocence was later proved with all the cases around the world.
    Thank you

  9. N RoyChoudhury

    Why doesn’t this creep show such nationalism when Kashmiri terrorists hold open conferences in capital Delhi? Too afraid of Taliban hunting him down?

  10. আমার বিশ্বাস যে অসিত গুঁই যেকোনও কারনে এই খুনীদের উপর বেশি সহানুভূতিশীল। তাই আনন্দমার্গীদের উপর সহানুভূতি না দেখাতে বলছেন। এই ব্যাপারটা অন্য কিছু একটা সিগন্যাল দিচ্ছে। প্রশ্নটা উঠতেই পারে, উনি কি ধরা পড়ে যাওয়ার ভয় পাচ্ছেন?

  11. asit guin | 29-Oct-12 at 3:06 pm
    Who is supporting and covering up this kind of killing, simply they are not human being…they are Animal in form of Human body…

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