Kamtapuri Struggle: Quest (খোঁজ)

Quest (খোঁজ)

This film is the only video documentation of the Kamtapuri movement. This movement is led by the rajbangshis (রাজবংশী) of Cooch Behar Region, who also call themselves Kamtapuris. The movement started with addressing the deprivations of the indigenous population of the region and then gradually transformed into a movement demanding the recognition of the identity of the Kooch Rajbangshis. The movement demands a separate state, Kamtapur for the local indigenous population.

The film is in Bengali (বাংলা) but has english subtitles.
Director: Soma Ghosh
Contact:  somaghosh75@rediffmail.com


About activistcanvas

We are activist film makers based in West Bengal, India. We make independent films on socio-political issues.

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  1. We want kamatapur by hook or krook

  2. No kamatapur No Rest

  3. At first need identity of language, stop misuse of s,caste certificate by other people who r not sch.caste.

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