Human Rights violation by state: Bandiram-er Ganatantra (বন্দিরামের গণতন্ত্র )

Bandiram-er Ganatantra (বন্দিরামের গণতন্ত্র )

This film is about the mindless  human rights violation by the police especially in the adivasi regions of Belpajari, West Bengal. Adivasis are regularly harassed, tortured and picked up for being ‘Maoists’. The film made in and around 2002-2003 captures the police atrocities which has culminated in the present explosive situation in the region of Lalgarh-Belpahari beginning from the end of 2008. The film also touches upon the death of urban youth Abhijit Sinha who committed suicide unable to bear the mental strain of regular police harassment, falsely accused of being a Maoist.

The film is in Bengali (বাংলা) but has english subtitles.
Director: Sitanshu Sekhar

About activistcanvas

We are activist film makers based in West Bengal, India. We make independent films on socio-political issues.

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