Story of Lalgarh Movement: Hool (হুল)

Hool (হুল)

The Lalgarh region in West Bengal has been the scene of recent hostilities between the state police forces and the native people over the issue police atrocities. In response to massive police atrocities committed by the police, people of Lalgarh have taken up the initiative and organised a mass uprising driving the police out of the Lalgarh area. The region was cut off and isolated by the people of the region and beyond the authority of the police. We have made this film centring on this mass uprising through interviews, dialogues and events that have unfolded in the recent past. The issue however, has not abated and still continues to be one of the most important areas of disturbance in the state.

The Bengali (বাংলা) version without subtitles can be found here:

This film was completed within February-March 2009, long before the joint forces entered Lalgarh in June 2009. The film tries to capture the spirit of the movement as it began. It highlights how this movement was characteristically completely different from any other movement of the recent past in Bengal viz. the Singur and Nandigram movement. This movement was not to protect land but was to claim dignity and the fundamental rights of the indigenous population of the region.


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We are activist film makers based in West Bengal, India. We make independent films on socio-political issues.

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  1. Anwesha Mukherjee

    firstly, while viewing a documentary, I shared and witnessed the fact and fatalities you wanted to bring forth. and at the end I relished the shade of tribal culture in that song and the associated graphix. enjoyed it. thanks for your effort.

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