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Prisoner Amnesty: Bondimukti (বন্দিমুক্তি)

Prisoner Amnesty: Bondimukti (বন্দিমুক্তি)

In the backdrop of apparent regime change in West Bengal, the issue of general amnesty to political prisoners have become an important debate. While it has been a part of the election manifesto the the present ruling party Trinamul Congress, after coming to power it has moved back and forth in implementing the promise. There has been issues related to selection of political prisoners for release, there has been acquisition of arbitrariness and political favoritism as far as the list to political prisoners to be released is concerned.

This documentary is part of our effort to capture the aspects of the ongoing debate which we felt were vital and yet getting marginalized.

Atrocities by Indian Armed Force: Manipur

Manipur: A documentary

An obscure documentary about the atrocities carried out by Indian Armed forces on the protesting population of Manipur and the unbelievable courage on display by protesting masses

This documentary does not provide much information about it’s makers. If anyone has some information, do provide.


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