Atrocities by Indian Armed Force: Manipur

Manipur: A documentary

An obscure documentary about the atrocities carried out by Indian Armed forces on the protesting population of Manipur and the unbelievable courage on display by protesting masses

This documentary does not provide much information about it’s makers. If anyone has some information, do provide.

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  1. This is a shame… what is the reaction of Govt. on this ?? its not been a new issue… its been ages since these issues are popping up…

  2. thanks for uploading such a wonderful documentary …

    now, let us let the whole India/World know about this …

  3. Chongtham Elizabeth

    Are we leaving in a democracy? Watching the documentary was horrifying. Manipur is bleeding and no one seems to know —or care—we need more such insights and forums where the despair and the courage of the manipuris can be shown. People of India, stand by us.Wake up, Govt. of India, and see the monster you have created.Act before you alienate us forever.

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